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  • Personal Training in Watertown - Page Fitness - Squats vs. Dead-lift: Which is better? Part 1

    Squats vs. Dead-lift: Which is better? Part 1

    Hello everyone, This post may be a little longer than the others so I decided to make this a 4-part post. Usually, I am discussing the importance of proper nutrition. Today, I am going to touch on weight training and how certain exercises contribute to your overall health. I am going to compare two excellent exercises. The squat and the deadlift. Each exercise delivers a potent combination of strength, mobility, and stability. Let’s see which one has the biggest bang for your buck per se. The answer may surprise you. Part 1:The Squat The Squat The squat is a complex movement with many variations. The well-known back and front squats, goblet squat, Bulgarianarian split squats, ....

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  • Fad Diets and Exercise

    I am sure we have watched a video of a person making some insane transformation in 30, 60, or 90 days. A catchy title like “Go from Dad-bod to Hot-Rod in 8 Weeks” or something similar. Advertisements like these force people to view health and fitness like a Navy Seal do or die mission. Hit the gym guns blazing and grind until you puke every day. That attitude toward training coupled with half-truth nutrition advice like don’t eat carbs because they make you fat. Don’t eat fat because it will make you fat, or eat only protein because it will make you lean are examples of incomplete information. The truth of the matter is not everyone responds to macronutrients ....

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  • What is the best diet?

    If you are like most people, you have asked this question at least once in your life. “What is the best diet?” Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Omnivore, Atkins, South-beach , “X”- hour diet, the Blood-type diet (maybe this one was created by Dracula?), the Cabbage-soup diet, etc. There are so many different types of diets out there. So, the short answer to the question is...yes. Josh Hills, one of my favorite authors, once said that all diets that restrict calories will cause weight loss. Any diet with food quality as the focus will favor the loss of body fat. That is the basic “eat less than you burn” rule. Remember, all diets fall into one or more ....

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  • Personal Training in Watertown - Page Fitness - What is functional training?

    What is functional training?

    There have been many articles lately, giving different opinions about functional training and its benefits. This one will attempt to give you an understanding of what Functional training is, and why its popularity. Maybe you have seen someone doing a workout of the day (WOD) in the park, or in your local gym doing some pretty crazy looking exercises. Through our training methodology at Page Fitness Athletic Club, clean eating , nutrition and community spirit, we aim to make your life better by providing a holistic health approach. So before we judge functional fitness fanatics, let’s take a look at: What is functional training?

    First, it is not your average ....

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  • Personal Training in Watertown - Page Fitness - Elevation masks. Fact or Hype?

    Elevation masks. Fact or Hype?

    Hello everyone, I have been doing some research on the use of elevation masks for improved athletic performance. I believe I have remained fairly neutral in my research and stayed objective to the findings. What is surfacing is the lack of evidence to support spending upwards of $100 on such a device.

    One manufacturer describes it as a device designed to improve performance by increasing lung capacity and breathing strength by creating pulmonary resistance. There are adjustments on it to mimic breathing at a given altitude. This means that your inspiration muscles have to work harder to draw in breath. The company also claims an increase in maximal oxygen ....

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  • Personal Training in Watertown - Page Fitness - Exercise and Older Adults

    Exercise and Older Adults

    Hello everyone, There is a growing number of older adults in America. Currently, it is estimated that there are about 40 million older adults. That number is expected to grow to over 92 million by 2060. A 2012 study by the US Census Bureau indicates the number of people over 65 will outnumber youth under 18 by 2056. 5 Every year the number of older adults living in an institution offering at least one supportive service (nursing care, meal preparation, cleaning service etc.) increases. Between 2001 and 2012 showed a 1% increase in institutionalized older adults 65-74 years of age. The rates increased with age to 3% and 11% for older adults 75-84 and over 85 respectively 6 . Furthermore, ....

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  • Personal Training in Watertown - Page Fitness - Exercise and Low Back Pain

    Exercise and Low Back Pain

    What is Low Back Pain?
    Low back pain is defined as pain and discomfort, localized below the costal margin and above the inferior gluteal folds. This is a fancy way of saying between the bottom middle of the back to the bottom of your butt cheek. For the sake of my terrible typing skills, I will refer to low back pain as LBP. It is reasonable to estimate that every American will experience some form of LBP at least once in a lifetime. The reality is much harsher. Upwards of 70% of persons in most industrialized countries will experience LBP that may or may not radiate down the leg. LBP can be caused by an injury or biomechanical breakdown. LBP due to infection, tumor, ....

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  • Personal Training in Watertown - Page Fitness - The Advantage of Battling Ropes and Kettlebells

    The Advantage of Battling Ropes and Kettlebells

    The use of ropes in conditioning is not a new concept. However, the use of ropes in an undulating method has gained traction in the fitness industry. The biggest question is how effective are Battle Ropes compared to other body weight exercises and conventional free weight exercises. The answer may surprise you. Battling Ropes increase Cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning as well as increasing strength endurance levels. They are classified as a high-energy exercise. It incorporates a great deal of upper body primarily. One study discovered that a 10 min Battling Ropes session consisting of a 1 to 3 work/rest ratio yields an average of 86-94% of max heart rate 1 . Another study ....

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  • Personal Training in Watertown - Page Fitness - WHY WE SHOULD FOAM ROLL


    Hello everyone, I want to take a minute to discuss the benefits of foam rolling. Also known as self-myofascial release (SMR) or ischemic compression therapy, it is a means to manipulate tight muscles and get them to relax. This technique can be done before or after exercise. I will refer to it as SMR for the rest of this post. CONTRAINDICATIONS OF SMR
    Certain situations prohibit SMR. The presence of any malignancy or tumor growth, Osteoporosis, Osteomyelitis, history of congestive heart failure, or acute rheumatoid arthritis is unsuitable for SMR. Ask a fitness professional if you are unsure if your condition prohibits SMR. Do not perform SMR, ischemic compression, soft tissue release ....

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  • Our Guarantee

    If you are not 100% satisfied with your training after 30 Days and Page Fitness isn't the best program you have tried, we will gladly refund your money. Give it a shot! You have nothing to lose! No risk…all reward! Our fitness and fat loss formula is very simple. You will work out with a personal trainer for energizing, results driven workouts to get your body in the best shape possible. We will also design nutrition, cardio, lifestyle and mobility programs suited just for you to ensure success is coming from all angles. That way you get better results...faster than ever before. There is no stone left unturned and nothing that we can’t help with. We will be ....

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