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The Advantage of Battling Ropes and Kettlebells

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The use of ropes in conditioning is not a new concept. However, the use of ropes in an undulating method has gained traction in the fitness industry. The biggest question is how effective are Battle Ropes compared to other body weight exercises and conventional free weight exercises. The answer may surprise you.

Battling Ropes increase Cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning as well as increasing strength endurance levels. They are classified as a high-energy exercise. It incorporates a great deal of upper body primarily. One study discovered that a 10 min Battling Ropes session consisting of a 1 to 3 work/rest ratio yields an average of 86-94% of max heart rate 1. Another study compared the effects of 13 exercises (7 free weight, 5 body weight, 1 Battling Ropes circuit) for metabolic impact on the body 2. The study concluded that Battling Ropes contributed the ranked highest followed closely by the burpee. Battling Ropes out shined deadlifts, lunges and bench press exercises.  It is interesting to note that a greater impact was discovered when Battling Ropes were coupled with Kettlebell swings or deadlifts. The highest metabolic impact came from a Battling Rope, deadlift, and squat combination 2. Additionally, it was discovered that shorter rest periods enhance the energy expenditure of Battling Rope exercises 3.

There are endless programming combinations utilizing Battling Ropes. Overall, the best come from pairing Battling Ropes with lower extremity exercises. Battling Ropes are perfect if you are looking for exercises that deliver top return on effort. 

Look for me to write more on the subject in future posts. Better still, come out to Page Fitness and participate in our Kettlebell/Battling Rope classes.

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