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Fad Diets and Exercise

I am sure we have watched a video of a person making some insane transformation in 30, 60, or 90 days. A catchy title like “Go from Dad-bod to Hot-Rod in 8 Weeks” or something similar. Advertisements like these force people to view health and fitness like a Navy Seal do or die mission. Hit the gym guns blazing and grind until you puke every day. That attitude toward training coupled with half-truth nutrition advice like don’t eat carbs because they make you fat. Don’t eat fat because it will make you fat, or eat only protein because it will make you lean are examples of incomplete information. The truth of the matter is not everyone responds to macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) the same. Some people can get crazy ripped on a high fat diet. Others may get jacked on a high carb diet. The trick is to learn how your body responds to food. The easiest way is to journal your meals and record your progress at regular intervals. Match the journaling with a realistic training program. One that undulates between high-intensity days, low-intensity days and rest. The goal (for most of us) is to become healthier at a sustainable rate.

None of us can run a marathon a week for 52 weeks while eating 2000 calories a day. Granted, that is an extreme exaggeration but it makes my point. Why do we feel the need to train so feverously while simultaneously depriving our bodies of food?  Training hard but not eating well is like trying to build a house with 75% of the materials.  

The simple answer is most people have no clue what quantity and quality of food are needed to reach their goal. The human body is a fantastic machine when given the proper materials to operate. In short, learn to eat for the body you want. All the fad exercises and diets in the world will not help you until you learn to listen to your body.

Everything becomes easier once you dial into your body. Fitness becomes a habit when you take the work out of it.  

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