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Beginner Weight Loss Classes Enrolling In February

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The TDC is the fastest way to lose weight, drop dress or pant sizes, transform your body, and look & feel better than you have in years... in just 28 days!  This program is designed to help individuals reclaim their health and fitness losing 12 – 24 lbs. and 5 – 15% body fat in just four weeks, guaranteed.

What Are The Details?

  • This is an individualized and complete 4-week nutrition program.
  • Pre and post-program measurements for calculations of lean muscle and body fat analysis.
  • Weekly meal plans, recipes and grocery list with individual portion sizes comprised of precise protein, carbohydrate, and fat grams.
  • Fluid intake recommendations.
  • Weekly nutrition reviews and weigh-ins.
  • You will be scheduled for your personal assessment that must be completed prior to the start of the Challenge.

Computer generated body analysis – lean muscle, body fat, caloric fat storage, metabolic rate, and MOST IMPORTANTLY... we'll know exactly how many calories you can consume at any one meal.

Who Can Do Our Weight Loss Program?

Anyone and everyone in our local community. Women and men ages 18-80 (and teens ages 15-17 with parental permission) who want to lose weight quickly, safely and permanently. It's important to understand that this is more than a weight loss challenge, it's a complete learning experience that helps you create positive lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime. You will be given a proven 28-day exercise and nutrition program under the support and supervision of certified experts.

What Can I Expect From the Weight Loss Program?

Expect to be challenged, inspired, motivated, supported, coached, educated and trained by one of America’s elite, professional teams of fitness experts. Expect to set and achieve goals, make new supportive friends, newfound found level of confidence in your body...expect to CHANGE both physically and emotionally. Expect to be better. To be more. Because it will happen.

What Will I Get From the Weightloss Program?

Orientation, Weekly Assessments, Guidance & Coaching. Awesome recipes, grocery list, weekly menus Weekly group cardio opportunities with your fellow challengers throughout your local community. Your body back in just 28 days!  All for just one payment of $249, unless of, course you sign up during our Early Bird registration for just $199.

How Do I Register For The Weightloss Program?

Fill out the short form on the side of this page or call (315) 786 - 8032.  We will walk you through the process over the phone and register you on the spot!

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